The BANTU Collection started out as an idea in 2015 and came to fruition in 2018. From day one, our mission has been to introduce a unique, unexpected, and skillfully handmade selection of home accents and personal accessories. Our goal is to share the beauty of African trends, decor, and accessories with our customers. We believe in providing exposure for African artisans and independent designers that may not have the resources necessary to grow their business. We want to show that African styles include a wide range of art and designs, and that Africa is more than just "Ankara."

What sets us apart from other collections is that our founder and creative director was born in Congo, and because of that has a direct connection and fondness for the work she does. Additionally, our products are 100% imported and made only in African and imported to the U.S. where we are based in Pittsburgh, PA. We specialize in handmade, handcrafted, handwoven, and bespoke products. We are proud to say we put a lot of time into researching and deciding which products to showcase.

Our customer will appreciate the personal time, passion and love, and the craftsmanship that goes into all of our featured products. We'd like to welcome you to The BANTU Collection, made by the PEOPLE, for all PEOPLE.



What is bespoke?

Bespoke is custom or handmade products (i.e. clothing and accessories) cut by hand and hand-sewn using a machine. It is uniquely made to personal specifications which makes no two products exactly alike. This In some collections, slight imperfections or differences might be visible which makes them uniquely "perfectly imperfect" based off international bespoke association standards. These standards include or allow:

  • Change in stitching (whether it be different from one product to the next or a difference or change  in stitching technique or style  on a single product )

  • Difference in pattern/material layout (when the direction of pattern on one product isn't exact to another or what is advertised, or not symmetrically aligned. and center justified. This is common in custom retail and bespoke designs in order to use every part of the material to avoid waste of material, cost,  but only as long as there is still  identifiable cohesiveness)

Slight markings or natural ware of material (i.e. genuine leather  and other material used to create the product that may have marks, spots, lines, etc. due to having to be pressed, shaped, or manipulated in any way by tools or by hand or due to exposure that is considered to be part of the  natural sitting  period or creative process)

Do you provide international shipping?

At this time we only ship within the United States, but are hoping to provide international shipping as an option in the near future.

What is your return policy?

No refunds or exchanges! Exchanges are only under very special circumstances - footwear ONLY and only if a replacement for the correct size and exact product is already available in stock (we will not exchange for another product). We require an email and description along with images of the product in order to confirm that there is no ware or damage to the product that resulted after the shipping process. If approved, you the customer are responsible for return shipping charges. We encourage all customers to confirm their sizes, measurements, etc. as we cannot be held responsible if order size(s) are incorrect when measurements, descriptions, or disclaimers are included in the product details. There are no exchanges at all on one-size-fits-all products or sale/clearance items.

Can I use a promo code on invoiced orders?

If you want an item that tends to sell out quickly, you have an option to pay ahead for that product. By doing so, we will create a "Product Hold" to reserve it. There is no need to place your order online because we will send you an invoice directly to which the product will have to be paid for prior to the shipment arrival. Promo and discount codes are not valid on invoiced hold orders. They can only be used for orders placed through the website.

Are you a retail store?


We ask our customers to please keep in mind, and especially those new to these design standards, that some of our products are bespoke or handmade; also that we are a BOUTIQUE and not a retailer. With a large majority of our products being bespoke or handmade, collections are limited editions, seasonal or even one-time custom/special requests based off what material may have been left in a designer's material inventory. Because of this, exchanges are likely to be unavailable, so please be sure you are confident in the sizes you choose prior to purchase, otherwise please contact us

Can I request items that are not on the website?

So long as the product is still available through our suppliers and we can add it to a future order, then we can place a special order for you. We cannot place an order to ship from Africa for just one or a few products due to shipping costs. Should the customer want a special order, they must be willing to wait for the next store shipment to arrive. In this case, the customer must pay for the product ahead (before we request the supplier include it in the inventory shipment). We will require your name, email, and address in order to send you an invoice for prompt payment. We can also request images of the products to confirm you are pleased and it is exactly what is wanted prior to the invoice being sent.

What are your delivery options time?

We use USPS as our shipping method. 

How do I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will received an email notification that will include the tracking number.

When will my order ship?

Orders ship within 2-7 business days from the date the order is received. Orders will typically ship the weekend after the order is placed/end of the week. Should there be any delay in shipping for any reason, we will notify you immediately.

Orders placed within the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  and ONLY Pittsburgh area (Allegheny County) are eligible for "Pickup" rather than shipping. That option is available in checkout, and customers will then receive a email message with details once the order is ready.

How do I contact you?

Please go to the "Contact" tab or send your inquiry via email to info@shopbantucollection.com or by DM on Instagram @thebantucollection

Do you offer other services?

In fact we do! We offer personal consulting services and will occasionally have the option to purchase refurbished household furnishings.

Consulting services start at a flat rate and only apply to items being purchased and imported directly from Africa, and refurbished items are in-person purchases. Depending on the item itself, if a purchaser is out of state, special shipping MAY be optional. Please see the drop down in our "Contact" tab and go to "Other Services" for additional details.

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